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November 2th 2015   Zamza feat. Lynsey Tibbs – If You Don't Try  

MAX wrote

For a long time we didn’t anything new. And now the time has come to put our creative thoughts together. These cold autumn days we already started to miss the summer and decided to record a new song, warm and soulful. Soulful because we at Zamza are not only funk-, but soul-brothers too ) We invited very talented singer from the UK Lynsey Tibbs to do the vocal parts.

Zamza feat. Lynsey Tibbs – If You Don't Try

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March 18th 2015   David Brown (Brazzaville) in Khabarovsk (Russia)  

SERGE wrote

On March, 16 Zamza was invited as a guest performer at the local gig of the American singer and songwriter David Brown (Brazzaville) in Khabarovsk (Russia).

May 18th 2014   Nuit Européenne Des Musées Live 2014  

SERGE wrote

November 28th 2013   Zamza at the Maxirock Fest  

MAX wrote

This November Zamza took part in the big local music festival - Maxirock Fest. We played a set of four songs including Anne & Amy, I Wanna Move, November Coffee and Metal Heart.

November 17th 2013   Zamza - Banana Song  

MAX wrote

This time we at Zamza decided to show our groovy rock side. The ghost of Jimi Hendrix visited us during the recording sessions. But we also added some sectret Zamza funky spice to finish the picture )

Zamza - Banana Song

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October 28th 2013   Nina Simone – Chauffeur (Zamza remix)  

MAX wrote

Only a few people know that the real inventor of drum’n’bass wasn’t say Goldie or Alex Reece, but famous jazz singer Nina Simone. She only played drum’n’bass without drums and bass. So we decided to feel in the blanks! ) This remix was made far away from home, in a hotel room, when a MacBookPro is the only musical instrument available.

Nina Simone – Chauffeur (Zamza remix)

Audio player

October 21th 2013   Eddie Jefferson - Psychedelic Sally (Zamza remix)  

MAX wrote

We avoid wasting our creative energy on covers and remixes. But this time the original song was catchy and groovy, so we weren’t able to resist the temptation of remixing it. This tune is definitely the pure gem of funk and soul music.

Eddie Jefferson - Psychedelic Sally (Zamza remix)

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October 15th 2013   Zamza – All Your Love  

MAX wrote

This autumn we recorded a new song. It was inspired by cloudy sky, windy weather and autumn leaves. The time when you are in a hurry to get home to the people you love, to your fireplace, furry pets and bottle of whiskey.

Zamza - All Your Love

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October 8th 2013   Zamza’s song on Mexican movie OST  

MAX wrote

We already wrote that our song has been chosen for the OST of Mexican movie Siete Anos De Matrimonio (Seven Years Of Marriage). Funky tune starting from 1:24 is our song Zamza feat. Vyero - Deja Atras El Miedo. Vyero is a Mexican popular singer, composer and arranger. We acquainted with him through the Internet and decided to make this song.
We at Zamza did all the music and Vyero recorded his magic voice.

March 29th 2013   Zamza remaking The Prodigy  

SERGE wrote

We at Zamza decided to start the new project dedicated to the greatest and the groovyest dance music act ever The Prodigy. Since Liam Howlett did his smashers using the samples from old funk and hip-hop records, we decided to recreate that vintage atmosphere without any modern touch. Just dirty bad-ass funk! And we started with the first Prodigy single ever - Charly!

The Prodigy - Charly (Zamza back to the roots remake)

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Zamza | 09.09.2008

to Roman: Спасибо за замечания. Исправили.

Roman | 06.09.2008

Сылку поправьте на Flying Away, там вместо нужно

Naaiddor | 14.07.2008

perfect design thanks

Darla | 16.05.2008

Привет Макс ;) Наконец-то полноценно послушала твою музыку..веселенькая:)

Стас | 26.04.2008

Сегодня слушал ваше исполнение перед СКИФом. Понравилась музыка. Тексты на английском, с ходу не разобрал. Найду ваш диск в муз. магазинах. Спасибо за новые открытия в музыке. Стас

Xtro | 12.04.2008

Акжолер, здорова! Ты где пропал?

Akjoler | 11.04.2008

ТАРАХТЕЛЛО превед!!!

Serg | 10.03.2008

Max! не обращай внимания на арт-уродо-урино-директоров! Работай! Всё будет Бэнч!

Pollys morning | 09.03.2008

Вот так вот! Всех взбаламутили, а сами не выступили:(

Nastasya | 11.02.2008

Guys, great job!!!

Серж | 04.02.2008

Тема с репером, Супер!

Pollys morning | 02.02.2008

Песня про слабый пол вкатила!!!:) Молодцы;) чувствуется, что уровень уже другой... Когда наконец-то вас можно будет увидеть на live performances?;))))

BestOfDedMorozy | 02.01.2008

Желаю Вам успехов, как в работе так и в повседневной жизни! Пусть новый год Вам принесёт намного больше чем уходящий! Побольше Вам улыбок и удачи во всех начинаниях! Всегда Ваш, Дед Мороз!

Серж | 12.11.2007

Треба новый альбом!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zamza | 16.09.2007

На территории России только в музыкальных магазинах Хабаровска и Владивостока.

CyberFOX | 15.09.2007

А где можно ваш альбом купить на территории России? На западных интернет-магазинах простому русскому человеку проблематично.

Макс | 13.09.2007

Привет, Костян! :)

NIGGER | 12.09.2007


yptkinfo | 22.06.2007

Hello, nice site
i`ll back again

Ando Rei | 12.06.2007

Душевно сегодня было, несмотря на проблемы со звуком...

Mazzy | 10.06.2007

Beeline has also launched a promotion whereby 1,500 to 3,000 Zamza fans will get to see Zamza in person free, for this anniversary event.

Надеюсь, фанов было не меньше!
Жалею, что меня там не было.

Mazzy | 10.06.2007

Сайт клевый! Ждем второго альбома, поздравляем с контрактом и началом продаж в Штатах.

thando | 04.06.2007

Hi...I'm interested in working with you guys but the thing is I'm from South Africa and I do beat poetry...But anyway I hope you guys find someone to work with.

Zamza | 3.06.2007

Следите за новостями на сайте. Скоро будут обновления.

Mary | 03.06.2007

Хотелось бы узнать о ваших ближайших творческих планах и есть ли они?

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