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October 29th 2012   New Album «Move» Released!!!  

MAX wrote

For some reasons a couple of years ago the band Zamza was close to disband. Despite this we were able to concentrate and collect our strength to start all over again. Two years of titanic work are behind. Now we got our third studio album Move finished. Ironically it turned out to be the best Zamza album ever. We found an absolutely amazing singer from US - Frank Coppola, who helped us to raise the level and to achieve so called industry standard. Now our music complies with the modern standards of songwriting, sound and music production. And what is the most important, we achieved all this by ourselves, without help of third-party musicians, producers, sound-engineers etc. We signed a dozen of contracts with the music companies licensing music for add, film and TV. We deal with two major music suppliers for Hollywood. Our songs are being successfully sold all around the world in the major music-stores including iTunes, Amazon etc. Our tunes are used in numerous music compilations, movie soundtracks, TV-commercials, computer games etc. We currently would like to share our success with our fans. We keep on moving!

October 19th 2012   Vyero released new album «Electro»  

MAX wrote

Our Mexican friend Vyero released recently his new album Electro and made a video-presentation of it. At 06:46 he tells about the song Deja Atras el Miedo, which was co-written and co-produced by Zamza. C’mon all Spanish language lovers! : )

September 5th 2012   Our new track with the Russian jazz-singer Lena Grig  

MAX wrote

Our new track with the Russian jazz-singer Lena Grig.

Music: Zamza
Lyrics: Adrienne Michelle Carian

Zamza feat. Lena Grig - Hypnotic

Audio player

April 7th 2012   Two new songs by Frankie  

SERGE wrote

We are happy to introduce two new songs

Cross Country

Audio player

and If it hurts.

Audio player

This is the fisrt time, when both music and lyrics are written by Frankie.
And Max and Serge acted as sound-producers, musicians and arrangers only. We hope you like these songs!

April 7th 2012   Clinton Sly  

MAX wrote

Recently we met an excellent reggae singer Clinton Sly and immediately decided to collaborate with him. We like his voice magic, his style and his vibe.
Our first co-work is a dancehall-reggaeton remix of Zamza's hit-song I Wanna Move.

Audio player

New songs coming soon!

March 17th 2012   Andrey Grizz-lee  

MAX wrote

About a month ago we saw occasionally on youtube a Russian guy singing cover of Madcon’s Beggin’. His singing was just amazing and we understood that he’s just “our guy” and decided immediately to contact him and make some funky songs together.

We googled out that his name is Andrey Grizz-lee and he is a new rising Russian pop-star. And it occurred that he just started the all-Russian remix contest of his first single “This Music”.

Audio player

We decided to take part in this contest and made three versions of “This Music”:


Audio player

club mix

Audio player

radio mix

Audio player

We won this contest and won the grand-prize – top-notch Roland Gaya synth.

And what is most important, we became good friends with Andrey Grizz-lee and now we are working on some new songs together.

March 2th 2012   Zamza's house remix of Anne&Amy is included into a German dance-music compilation  

MAX wrote

Zamza's house remix of Anne&Amy is included into a German dance-music compilation "Dance Your Butt Off" and is now available at

January 20th 2012    

MAX wrote

Our official web-site is now fully compatible with iDevices. You can open it using your iPhone, iPad or iPod and listen to Zamza's great tunes! :)

January 12th 2012   November Coffee  

MAX wrote

This song was written on a cold snowy November day. We had some strong hot black coffee, took our guitars and the song was done literally in a few minutes. For this reason we gave it the worikng title "November Coffee". Later we thought a lot about the final title, but decided to leave it as is, because it is exactly the mood we had that time.

Audio player

December 17th 2011   Zamza at Crucial Music  

MAX wrote

Believe it or not, but Zamza was able to get into production catalogue 
of the major Hollywood music supplier – Crucial Music. Crucial music provided music for hundreds of Hollywood blockbusters, TV series and movies including Dexter, Prison Break, Brokeback Mountain, The Simpsons , Sex & The City, Oceans 12, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, When In Rome etc. They deal only with the best artists in the industry and accept less than 10% of the music they receive. And now Zamza’s new tune I Wanna Move is in their catalogue. It’s the real break through for us.


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Zamza | 19 Jan 2015

to Jon Taylor :
Now you can download tracks from our site absolutely free. Just click on song.

Jon Taylor | 17 Jan 2015

I bought Songs for Jukebox on itunes but that's all I see on there - I want to buy ALL YOUR ALBUMS!!!

Vikky | 07 Jan 2015

Hi,gimme your e-mail, I wanna to work with you! I'll sent you my demo

Sam | 09 Dec 2013

привет из Ростова! приезжайте!

vishwadeep | 02 Apr 2013

hey, I saw your late ad of 2012 regarding need of lyricist, I have deep passion over music if you have any kind of place can you please contact me? I will give you my 100% even if you don't pay. I just need a start Sir, hope you understand. thanks.

Vladimir | 07 Oct 2012

Hi Guys
I’m really amazed your creature as well as your talent and taste since I knew you. It looks awareness about Zamza is too modest, I knew it only from Serge when got the CD, thank you. By the way I’m gonna attend Eric Martin concert 06.11.12 in Msk and that would be perfect to meet you there to discuss some ideas for Zamza promotion. Sincerely wish you the great success; please let me know your feedback.

Max | 30 Sep 2012

funky! :)

Ирина | 02 Aug 2012

ребят, мне сказали вы вокалистку ищете? я хотела бы попробовать с вами попеть :) - моя страничка в ВК - напишите туда - там договоримся о встрече. Ок?

DJ KoT | 13 Jul 2012

Cool Band, You Bang ;-)

dimitriy | 27 Jan 2011

Всем привет, отличная музыка, просто бомба, особенно женский вокал!!! Когда увидел в поисковике "Хабаровск" тупил минут пять, уж совсем никак не ожидал что вы наши!)))Спасибо за музычку, приезжайте с концертом в Ростов-на-Дону!

mazzy | 15 Jan 2011

Hello again! Happy to see zamza reborn with such great vocal. Look forward new album and live shows abroad FEast!

Frankie | 12 Jan 2011

Larissa....can you guarantee no snow if we come to Cali, cause right now I am getting PUMMELED with snow in NYC!!

Zamza | 08 Jan 2011

2Larissa KGB
Single Siberian pussy, no balls, sweet sound! :)
Anyway thanks for your good wishes and your excellent humor sense! :)

Zamza | 08 Jan 2011

Evgenya left Zamza for some reasons about two years ago. And we do not have contacts since that. So you better contact her directly.

Larissa KGB | 02 Jan 2011

I ve got some questions though: How many Siberian cats do you use at one time for your recordings? Is there a big difference between males and females? What about the one that dont have balls, do they sound better? Just curious! Love your music, great riffs and cords! Wishing you lots of success next year and hope to see you in concert in California some day?! (we dont have snow!) sincerely,
Larissa Browning

Mark | 27 Dec 2010

hi, has been a long time since the last time i've entered this site. anyway i liked the new sound with frankie but i was wondering what happened to the last singer, Evgenya Strochinskaya. could you guys tell me?

Rodrigo | 27 Dec 2010

Hey, loved your music. But tell me, wouldn't you like to exchange the cold weather of russia for a few warm weeks in Brazil? I'd love to go to one of your presentations.

Coleman | 12 Oct 2010


Viz | 13.09.2010

Good renders, beautiful vocals, great sounds.. keep it coming...

Villain | 02.09.2010

Классная группа! Я думал - вы из амерички. Очень понравилась песня Flying Away. Но почему нет лирики? Пришлось подбирать на слух.

Loke | 11.07.2010

Hi Zamza. I right now heard your song "flying away". Good stuff! Let me know if you come near Sweden. =)

Саша | 08.07.2010

Ребята, куда вы пропали?(((

Zamza | 29.01.2010

Лена, спасибо большое за пожелания!


Ребята, ждем новых тем и концертов! Пусть 2010 год будет творческим прорывом. Продолжайте творить! Очень многие ждут ваших вещей! Продолжайте показывать нашему городишку и стране как НАДО делать музыку.

Serge | 06.12.2009

Женька, привет, это твой брат Серёга из Москвы. Послушал ролики - очень классно! ТЫ - МОЛОДЕЦ!!!! ГОРЖУСЬ ТОБОЙ!!! Дерзай дальше!!!!

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